Gooeys Overview

Gooeys is a fully on-chain Play-To-Earn game, built by Studio Nova, for Nova DAO. Each Gooey is a verifiably unique NFT - created from the same contract which houses Gooeys' core game logic, with fair randomness secured by Chainlink VRF.

Nova DAO:

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Everything in Gooeys is represented by an on-chain token - from characters, to resources. Players are free to send any in-game items or tokens to eachother directly through their Web3 wallet, or through intermediary systems such as OpenSea.

All of Gooeys' core game logic is contained on-chain, with transparent emission events. Coupled with full on-chain transparency, our GooBook breaks down the exact logic used for every in-game event, ensuring no player is left in the dark.

There are almost 350 million different possible Gooey character permutations, with roll rarities being determined in real time on-chain via Chainlink VRF. With only 1,000 Generation 0 Gooeys available for minting, all new Gooeys must be created via "Tumbling", the in-game breeding system which allows both for trait inheritance, and genetic mutations!

Gooeys has been designed as a classic starting point for further titles in the Gooeys ecosystem; with new titles under Nova DAO currently in development!

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