Gooey Traits (Overview)

Each Gooey is created with the following traits when minted;
Stat : Gooey Health, Generation zero starts with 100 - 600 HP.
Stat : Gooey Attack, Generation zero starts with 100 - 400 ATK.
Stat : Gooey Defense, Generation zero starts with 100 - 600 DEF.
Stat : Gooey Speed, Generation zero starts with 100 - 600 SPD.
Background / Foreground (Linked)
Cosmetic : 8 Common, 1 Rare
Cosmetic : 17 Common, 29 Rare, 1 Mythical
Cosmetic : 22 Common, 18 Rare, 1 Mythical
Cosmetic : 21 Common, 23 Rare, 1 Mythical
Cosmetic : 14 Common, 25 Rare, 1 Mythical
Cosmetic : 5 Common, 5 Rare, 2 Mythical
The Nexus of each Gooey starts at 1,000, and can reach a maximum of 2,500. Nexus points add a positive multiplier to any tumbles. In the event where your Gooey runs out of food, their Nexus will immediately reset back to 1,000 - so make sure you keep your Gooey fed!
Food Store
Food Store ticks down by 1 every 2 seconds. Maintaining a Food Store above 0 is essential for preventing any Nexus loss. All Gooeys (tumbled or generation zero) start with a food store of 40320 (approximately one day's worth of storage). Feeding Fruit to your Gooeys will increase their food store. There is no maximum food store for any Gooey.
Tumbles / Tumbles Available
Gooeys need to pay an increasing cost of GOO for each tumble, and either need to be born with tumbles available, or be granted additional tumbles via rare fruit. Early generation Gooeys have a higher chance of being born with tumbles available, for a maximum of three tumbles.
Tumble Exhaustion
Gooeys need to wait a set time before tumbling, with this timer resetting on each tumble. Generation zero Gooeys do not need to wait before their first tumble, but must observe the standard generational wait times (one week for Gen 1) before any additional tumbles can be performed.
Tumble Bonus
Certain fruits apply a bonus multiplier to future tumbles. This bonus multiplier is not additive, but is only replaced if a higher quality fruit is consumed. Tumbling does not reset this bonus.
Gooeys all maintain a link to their parents on-chain in the event of being born via tumbling. Generation zero Gooeys do not have any parental links.
Cosmetic traits and lineage currently serve no purpose other than rarity, but are stored fully on-chain with all other attributes to allow for possible use or utility in future expansions.