Gooeys V1.1 (Core)

Gooeys V1.1 : Launched 12/05/2022
On the 12th of May 2022, Gooeys v1.1 was rolled out to all players. This upgrade required a full contract redeployment, which was coupled with all existing Gooeys being airdropped on to the Gooeys v1.1 contract. The v1.1 contract has been launched from the Gooeys Deployer Wallet, to ensure ease of verification for any players.
Our OpenSea URL (gooeysp2e) has been updated to now reflect the new contract, with our old contract currently being available at gooeysp2e-legacy. We are working with the OpenSea team to delist the old contract entirely, as all Gooeys are now available on the v1.1 contract. Currently, viewing the legacy page will indicate on all imagery and details that v1.0 Gooeys are no longer supported, and are not compatible with the v1.1 game. Players and traders are advised not to trade or purchase v1.0 Gooey NFTs. As noted, v1.0 Gooeys will clearly display on their OpenSea pages that they are no longer supported. All Gooeys NFTs listed at our normal OpenSea URL are v1.1 NFTs, and can safely be traded. If in doubt, simply check the url matches !
Contract redeployments are not something the team takes lightly - however, given the longer-term ambitions for Gooeys, coupled with excellent player feedback on the featureset proposed for Gooeys v1.0, a contract redeployment allowed us both to greatly expand the upgradability of Gooeys, along with incorporating some of the excellent suggestions put forward by the players.
Gooeys is made up of a total of 35 on-chain contracts, which continually pushed the absolute limits of the maximum filesize allowed on mainnet EVMs - which led our v1.0 release to be lacking in certain areas, with constant content cuts needing to be made in order to fit into the 24kb limit introduced under Ethereum's Spurious Dragon release (and adopted by all major L1s and L2s with EVM compatibility). In knowing that the Gen 0 mint cap of 1000 had been reached, this allowed us to completely remove all Gen 0/Fresh mint generation code, freeing up a massive amount of space that allowed us to flesh out the Gooeys featureset both to meet our original intended spec, and to incorporate some of the features suggested to us by the player base.
Within the new contract code, the ability to carbon-copy our old contract NFTs and airdrop them to existing holders was incorporated. This function can only be called once for each NFT on the Gooeys v1.0 contract, and can never be called again. This airdrop was written to be fully on-chain, with zero human interaction save for the initial command given to begin the process. All Gooey stats, and their respective owners are pulled on-chain in real time, and airdropped within the same block to ensure absolute accuracy.
For players, absolutely nothing has changed - if you had never read this notice before, you will already note that you can simply log in to Gooeys via, and view your NFT on our gooeysp2e OpenSea collection as normal with zero actions required on your part.
A full list of Patch notes have been attached below, along with a copy of all airdrop transactions (40/41 per tx).
Note that while we work with the OpenSea team on delisting our old contract and completing verification on Gooeys v1.1, you may need to "un-hide" your Gooeys v1.1 NFT by browsing to the Hidden tab on your OpenSea account, clicking the three dots at the bottom of your NFT, and selecting the "un-hide" option from the dropdown menu.
Patch notes:
  • Entirely removed functions to mint new Gen 0 Gooeys with MATIC, and in-house minting (no longer needed, Gen 0 cap reached). With this massive decrease in contract size, we have been able to both add additional future-proofing functionality, and increase the Runs value on Solidity's Optimiser - allowing for overall lower gas fees when interacting with Gooeys Contracts.
  • Gen 0 Gooeys now start with 3 Tumbles, to encourage new player onboarding.
  • Tumbling's time limit has been lowered to having a 1 week wait between tumbles at maximum, for all generations. Gen 0 can still tumble their first new Gooey immediately when enabled.
  • Nexus can no longer drop below 1000, and is now capped at 2500 (value can be changed in the future as required).
  • Having your food store hit empty will now result in Nexus instantly dropping to 1000, rather than ticking down by block.
  • Recovery Drops removed (no longer needed).
  • Nexus no longer inheritable - new Gooeys will always start with 1000 Nexus.
  • Newly tumbled Gooeys no longer inherit their generation (+1) from the youngest parent, but now instead inherit it from the oldest (+1).
  • Gooeys from Gen 4 and upwards will never start with any tumbles available, and must gain these through fruit.
  • Additional fruits now offer Nexus, along with high tier rates being buffed. General Fruit pricing has been updated to reflect these changes.
  • Basic Quests can now be expanded to support additional tiers, and time-limited/event quests.
  • Quests can now be cancelled while in progress.
  • Gooeys can now have their base stats (hp, atk, def, spd) upgraded (within optional set boundaries) through future planned functionality, such as advanced quests, or through fruit.
  • On-chain emissions expanded to allow for easy reading of historical quest rewards for any Gooey, along with directly referencing VRF's raw randomness result for all tumbles.
  • Base stats cap increased from 9999 to 99999. Note that this hard limit only applies to tumbled stats, with the ability to level up stats beyond this through future functionality such as advanced quests/fruit remaining open.
  • The Generational bonus granted to the ATK stat is now granted across all stats, helping to ensure stronger Gooeys per generation. The Generational bonus granted to the ATK stat has additionally been doubled.
  • Cosmetic trait inheritance has been increased to a 90% chance to inherit from parent Gooeys with a shared attribute. For Gooeys not sharing a specific cosmetic trait, the chance to roll a completely new cosmetic has been raised to 70%.
  • Additional tooling added for reading on-chain data for third-party developers: i.e: calculating Gooey tumble costs for specific Gooey combinations, reading quest types & rewards, reading active quest data etc. Additionally, this tooling offers extensive support for ABI V1.
NB: All Gooeys have been airdropped to the Gooeys v1.1 Contract, retaining all stats, and cosmetics. The system for airdropping Gooeys on to the new Gooeys v1.1 contract can never be run on any Gooey more than once, ensuring that there can never be any NFT inflation, or erroneously dropped Gooeys. All data inclusive of Gooey owners has been read directly on-chain, and carried out within the same block as the transfer. For in-game purposes, the client has already been updated to read from the new Gooeys contracts; no action is required on your part.
Known Client Issues (Fixes currently in development - does not affect core game logic, or smart contract logic):
  • Gooeys' User Interface is in an alpha state, and along with not being set to provide a large amount of user feedback currently, it may at times not update action windows correctly. If any options appear to be missing (such as the option to cancel, or complete a quest), simply re-open the window you're currently in, or refresh your browser page.
  • Gooeys' internal timer sometimes runs slightly out of sync with the on-chain block timer. This can sometimes result in the Gooeys client believing a Quest is ready to complete earlier than it is. In the event of receiving any wallet notices such as a transaction expected to fail, wait up to 1 minute before re-trying the action.
  • In the event of Chainlink's VRF response arriving later than expected, Quest Results may not be displayed. If the Quest Window cannot retrieve your results within 2 minutes, your Quest status (along with any rewards) can be checked on PolygonScan, or simply by checking your wallet.
  • Loading times are currently throttled in order to ensure no undue stress is placed on the Polygon Network. This will be optimised and increased over the coming days and weeks.