Getting your Gooey

Only 1,000 Generation zero Gooeys were minted, with up to 3 per wallet being made available at a cost of 125 MATIC per Gooey. All Generation zero Gooeys were assigned their random cosmetics, and statistics via Chainlink's Verified Random Function.
All Gooeys beyond Generation zero must be purchased, or gifted from other players. All Gooeys currently available for purchase are listed on OpenSea, a third-party NFT Marketplace.
Gooeys OpenSea Portal:
Note that while OpenSea clearly shows a Gooey's cosmetics, it does not show any associated stats - such as Health, Attack, Generation, Tumbles remaining, or if the Gooey in question is currently on a quest. Always remember to look up your desired Gooey in-game (searchable via their Gooey Number / ID) before following through with any purchases if a Gooey's stats, or immediate availability are of importance to you.
Please note that neither Gooeys, nor Studio Nova/Nova DAO have any affiliation with OpenSea, and cannot provide any support for their services.