Gooeys V1.3 (Security)

Gooeys V1.3 : Launched 29/07/2022
Note that following the completion of all initial build features in Gooeys V1.2, coupled with the optimisations & added security features as carried out within this build version, the team do not foresee any contract redeployments across Gooeys Core, GooeyFruits, or $GOO in the future.
Audit & KYC via Certik:
  • Contract Redeployment (Gooeys/GooeyFruits), with on-chain airdrop: $GOO unaffected, did not require a redeploy.
  • All players have been airdropped 45,000 $GOO per Gooey to celebrate the completion of our base features, and our security audit!
  • Nexus miscalculation on tumbling fixed; all previously tumbled Gooeys buffed to the minimum nexus, at a compounding 10% per generation above 0.
  • Nexus bonuses rebalanced around +10% per combined 2,000 Nexus on tumbling Gooeys.
  • Nexus rewards from fruit increased by 5-10x, rewards now offered on all fruits barring Apples.
  • All quest rewards ($GOO) increased by 20%.
  • Common, and Uncommon quest difficulties lowered to 1,200 and 2,000 strength respectively.
  • Tumbling scaled costs restored at greatly reduced levels; tumbling costs are now increased by 10,000 $GOO for each offspring previously tumbled by the parent Gooeys.
  • Upgraded all OpenZeppelin standard contracts to match the latest available versions.
  • Various gas optimisations & bugfixes deployed in conjunction with Certik's engineering input.
  • $GOO Treasury updated to Gooey Deployer Wallet for ease of visibility.