📖$GOO Tokenomics

$GOO is the primary token supporting the Gooeys Ecosystem, and can be earned in-game. For our early access release, Questing serves as the initial in-game method for earning $GOO.

$GOO is currently required for purchasing fruits, and for tumbling new Gooeys. Any $GOO used for fruit purchases or tumbles is burned, and permanently removed from the supply.

An additional 5% overhead on emissions will be minted to the Nova DAO Treasury.

Initial Supply

As an inflationary token, ensuring an ample supply of token sinks are designed and implemented into Gooeys stands as a core design tenet for the team; as does setting a large enough initial supply to prevent a hyperinflation shock. As such, $GOO will be launched with a MATIC liquidity pair, and an initial supply of 2 Billion Tokens.

Inflation Estimation

Assuming an extreme-case of 100% efficient play across all Gooeys from Day 0 onwards and zero token burn/in-game fruit or tumble costs, week 1 is assumed to carry a worst-case inflation rate of under 7.2%.

It is expected that Inflation may rise during the opening weeks due to Generation zero Gooeys, and Generation one Gooeys being seeded with high tumble rates by default; however, note that the above 7.2% worst-case scenario was given in the event that tumbles were free, and Gooeys did not need to consume fruit in order to continue questing.

As each Gooey requires a positive food store to quest, alongside a minimum fee of 300,000 $GOO to tumble, the actual inflation rates are assumed to be considerably less.


All $GOO rewards (both from Questing, and from future content/feature additions) will be halved every two months. As new content is added, it will be noted if they fall under the standard halvening schedules, or if any special rules apply. Currently, there are no plans to exempt any future systems from halvenings.

DAO Governance

DAO Votes will be held with Nova DAO's native non-inflationary token, $NOVA. DAO Votes will include suggestions/feedback on upcoming and current design choices and tweaking, staking pool emissions, and general in-game balance & feature work.

Note that while Studio Nova greatly appreciates all feedback and suggestions submitted via DAO Vote, any final decisions made will be through internal team discussion, with respect towards any community wishes and long-term health of the platform placed as priority. In the event of a community request receiving little overall support (such as via high absenteeism rates), or a request deemed to be against the long-term health of the platform, the Studio Nova team may elect to overrule any requests made.

$GOO Initial Distribution & Treasury

The $GOO Token was instantiated with 2,000,000,000 total tokens, distributed as following;

1,300,000,000 : Allocated to GOO/MATIC Liquidity via QuickSwap 450,000,000 : Allocated to Staking farms (now exhausted) 250,000,000 : Allocated to the $GOO Treasury, held under the Nova DAO Wallet.

All mint operations will mint an additional 5% of the tokens requested, which will then be directly routed to the $GOO Treasury on-chain.

The $GOO Treasury is maintained and operated by Nova DAO for operations on an as-needed basis. This includes but is not limited to Team vesting schedules (limited to 5% of the overall supply, with no vesting schedules currently enacted/in-place), funding existing or future Liquidity Pairs, and Community & Marketing Giveaways.


Studio Nova/Nova DAO, Gooeys, and it's respective Gooey NFTs, $GOO and Fruit tokens do not represent a financial investment, asset, currency or otherwise. Ownership of any Studio Nova or Gooeys' launched tokens or otherwise do not confer any ownership in any company structures, shares, or otherwise. All Tokens are extremely speculative, and may experience dramatic price shifts, inclusive of losing all value against available liquidity pairs. No Tokens offered via any Studio Nova or Gooeys platforms are backed by any state, or regulated agency; and are offered with zero guarantees in value, utility, or otherwise. Studio Nova operate solely as a development studio which primarily uses the Nova DAO Token, and all related tokens as a base for Blockchain development, and research. Studio Nova/Nova DAO cannot offer any guarantee on service uptime or availability either on controlled or owned Web2 systems, or on decentralized Web3 services. Studio Nova/Nova DAO take no responsibility for any losses incurred while trading, or holding $NOVA tokens, or any other such tokens developed or released by Studio Nova/Nova DAO or any related subsidiaries or otherwise.

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