Gooeys Terms & Conditions

Gooeys is a live service on-chain title, built for expansion and iteration over time; and along with having a fully tokenized economy, this presents an experimental and exploratory model which has little in comparison with any other titles released to date.

As such, we require that all users read and understand the below terms and conditions, and are in agreement with them before accessing, or playing Gooeys.

Studio Nova (CRO 714567) is a software development studio, and does not represent a financial broker, advisor, or otherwise. The Nova token, coupled with any and all related tokens from projects developed under Studio Nova/Nova DAO, not limited to but inclusive of the $GOO ERC-20 token, Gooeys ERC-721 token, and Gooey Fruits ERC-1155 token, do not represent any security, financial instrument, investment, or otherwise.

Tokens which are developed as part of any decentralized network for use within titles developed by Studio Nova/Nova DAO or any related subsidiaries are done so for the use within gaming titles or software developed by Studio Nova/Nova DAO, and are expressly unsupported outside of these environments. This includes but is not limited to the use or trade of any such tokens on decentralized or centralized exchanges, wherein the end user, consumer, or player assumes all risks associated.

Tokens developed as part of decentralized networks such as the $GOO token are developed explicitely without rollback, or other centralized authority functionality. Nova DAO nor the Studio Nova team cannot recover tokens which are lost, or irretrievable in any circumstances - such as in the loss to theft, or in the event of a comprised or lost password. As these tokens do not represent any security, investment, financial instrument or otherwise, no compensation can be offered to any user in the event of any loss of tokens, or in any loss of token value. Tokens with decentralized backing typically carry extreme risk, inclusive of becoming valueless on any decentralized or centralized network. The end user assumes total responsibility and any risks associated with holding tokens, with the understanding that no financial backing, inherent value, insurance, assurance or otherwise is guaranteed under any circumstances by Studio Nova, Nova DAO or otherwise.

Studio Nova/Nova DAO reserve the full rights to deploy any new tokens, or replace existing tokens with new contracts if required under any circumstances. This includes but is not limited to the discovery of any exploits or security risks associated within any existing or future token contracts deployed by the Studio Nova/Nova DAO , or any subsidiaries. It is also fully understood that in situations of risk, Studio Nova/Nova DAO may be unable to communicate any upcoming token or contract changes in advance. The end user understands that Studio Nova/Nova DAO, or any individuals acting on behalf of Studio Nova/Nova DAO do so from a software designer/developer position, and may at any point choose to update any standards or functionalities in place on any token contracts, inclusive of total replacement of active contracts.

Decentralized tokens and otherwise carry differing legal statuses in differing Countries, States, and otherwise. The end user accepts full responsibility in ensuring that they are not in breach of any Federal, National, International or otherwise statutes and laws surrounding cryptocurrencies, or crypto token regulations in their jurisdictions, and in any acts carried out with the use of any tokens created or provided by Studio Nova/Nova DAO, or any associated individuals. Studio Nova/Nova DAO again disavow any legal or financial responsibilities or otherwise as a result of any end user's actions.

The end user fully understands that both cryptocurrency tokens, and live service environments carry inherent risks up to and including potential contract exploits or security breaches, along with rapidly changing in-game environments and mechanics. While Studio Nova/Nova DAO endeavors to provide a safe environment and maintain open communications with end users wherever possible, it is noted that risks inherent both to live service environments and to cryptocurrencies can result in service degradation, up to and inclusive of total service failure.

By accessing any Nova DAO, or Gooeys related services maintained and hosted under Studio Nova/Nova DAO, the end user fully accepts all responsibilities and risks associated, and is of the full understanding that no tokens offered under Studio Nova/Nova DAO, Gooeys, or any associated individuals represent a security, financial instrument, investment, ownership or shares in any company or entity, or otherwise.

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