Gooeys V1.2 (Tumbling)

Gooeys V1.2 : Launched 22/06/2022
  • Contract Redeployment (Gooeys/GooeyFruits), with on-chain airdrop: $GOO unaffected, did not require a redeploy.
  • Tumbling now enabled, and added to in-game client.
  • Large netcode revamp/on-chain call optimisations, allowing for 10x+ speedup on loading sections.
  • Web2 Readonly API set up to use new netcode & multicalls for open use (launch TBC).
  • Halvening Block & Timer added to Main Menu.
  • Game client updated to reflect halvening-affected reward rates.
  • Common & Uncommon Quests rebalanced to lower difficulty, and increased chances of at least one fruit drop.
  • Minor graphical improvements / UX & Feedback additions & polish.
  • NB: With these Contract Redeployments, you will be required to reapprove permissions for spending $GOO, or consuming fruit in-game on our updated client at