Tumbling / Breeding

New Gooeys outside of our original Generation Zero supply can only be minted via Tumbling - allowing two Gooeys to create an Offspring!
Tumbling is a limited process, with only two tumbles made available per Generation Zero Gooey. Tumbling a new Gooey depletes a Tumble charge on both Gooeys, and incurs a higher $GOO cost for each new Gooey tumbled. Along with this, the only way to unlock more tumbles is with rare fruit - so, be sure to practice caution when choosing to tumble!
Gooeys created via tumbling are in essence, no different to our Generation Zero Gooeys - except of course, with their own individual traits and stats. Tumbled Gooeys are represented under the same Gooeys ERC721 Token Collection, and can be traded or gifted to other players as normal.
Later generation Gooeys will typically have higher base stats, but will have less (or no) tumbles available when starting fresh when compared with early generation Gooeys; requiring a rare fruit to tumble further.

Tumbling Generations

Gooeys need to wait a set period of time after being minted before being allowed to tumble. After tumbling and minting a new Gooey, this waiting period must once again be observed before another tumble can take place.
Waiting periods are capped at 1 Week between tumbles.
Gooey Generation
Starting Tumbles
Time Between Tumbles
1 Week
1 - 3
1 Week
75% Chance of 1
1 Week
37.5% Chance of 1
1 Week
1 Week
1 Week
6 >
1 Week
Generation Zero Gooeys do not need to wait for their first mint, but must wait one week between each subsequent mint afterwards.
New Gooeys will be one generation ahead of the highest generation parent Gooey - so for example, if a generation four Gooey tumbles with a generation one Gooey, the offspring will be of generation five.

Tumbling Costs

Tumbling has a base fee of 300,000 $GOO, which increases by 10,000 $GOO for every time that each parent Gooey has previously tumbled. In the event that both intended Gooey Parents have tumbled more than 8 new Gooeys between them, the final tumble price is tripled.
An additional 10% discount on the final cost is granted to any players holding at least 20,000 $DOGIRA tokens in their wallet at the time of tumbling.

Tumbled Traits

For information on cosmetic inheritance, please consult the Cosmetics section of our GooBook.
Stat inheritance (HP, ATK, DEF, SPD) is based both off the stats of both parent Gooeys, their overall Nexus points, their shared tumbling bonuses from fruit, the generation of the newly tumbled Gooey, and a random mutation multiplier.
The full formula for tumbled stats is listed below.
totalNexus = (GooeyANexus + GooeyBNexus) totalFoodBonus = (GooeyAFoodBonus + GooeyBFoodBonus) minimumMutation = 0.97 maximumMutation = 1.05 + (totalNexus / 20000) + totalFoodBonus newStat = Random(GooeyLowStat, GooeyHighStat) * Random(minimumMutation, maximumMutation) * GenerationBonus
An additional 1% mutation multiplier is added for each generation, with this bonus being doubled to 2% . For example, a generation 4 Gooey will have their health, defence, and speed stats multiplied by 1.04, while their final attack stat will be multiplied by 1.08.
As may be noted above, Nexus provides an extremely powerful buff to tumbled Gooeys.