Connecting to Polygon


Gooeys is exclusively available on the Polygon Network. In order to play, you will need to have a Web3 compatible browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, along with any supported Web3 wallet such as MetaMask.

Installing MetaMask

MetaMask is an easy-to-use Web3 wallet which integrates with all major browsers, and allows you to both connect to Web3-enabled platforms, and send/receive any supported crypto tokens such as NFTs.
MetaMask can be downloaded from Upon installing Metamask, you will be walked through setting up your new Web3/Crypto wallet for the first time, or be given the option to import any existing wallets you may have via seed phrase recovery.
Remember to make a physical backup of your seed phrase when prompted during installation - seed phrases are irrecoverable if lost.

Connecting to the Polygon Network

Polygon is a Layer-2 Scaling solution for the Ethereum Network - offering high speeds and low transaction costs, while still benefitting from the security offered under the Ethereum umbrella.
Once installed, MetaMask can be configured to then connect to the Polygon Network.


Click on the MetaMask button in your browser. Note that on Google Chrome, you may need to navigate under your general extensions button to find your MetaMask plugin.
Once your MetaMask window has been opened, click on the "Ethereum Mainnet" option at the top of the window. From here, select "Add Network" at the bottom of the displayed list.
From here, you will then be presented with the options to define the network you wish to connect to. Here, we'll need to input the settings for the Polygon Network.
Network Name: Polygon Network New RPC URL: Chain ID: 137 Currency Symbol: MATIC Block Explorer URL:
Once complete, click "Save". You can now select the Polygon Network from your Network dropdown list - previously accessed by clicking the "Ethereum Mainnet" option in your MetaMask window.

Getting MATIC

Just as the Ethereum network requires Ether for transaction fees, the Polygon Network requires MATIC.
MATIC can be purchased from any major exchange such as Binance or Kucoin, and withdrawn to your wallet on the Polygon Network. In order to retrieve your wallet ID, simply click on your wallet's account name in the top of your MetaMask window - this will copy it to your clipboard for you.
Remember when withdrawing MATIC from an exchange, you will need to ensure the Polygon Network is selected as your Network of choice. While you will not lose your tokens if you accidentally withdraw to the Ethereum Network, you will need to pay any associated transaction fees and gas costs to manually bridge these to the Polygon Network.

Manually Bridging to the Polygon Network

If you are unable to use centralized exchanges, the MATIC token can be bridged from the Ethereum Network to the Polygon Network via Polygon's Bridging service, located at